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Yamee is for everyone

Here’s how we are building a more inclusive and accessible mobile commerce ecosystem for Africa.


Yamee App is focused on our Customers and Merchants

Our mission

We make mobile commerce inclusive & accessible for food merchants to increase their earning opportunities.

When our food merchants access digital customers, cashless payments and digital data-driven micro loans, a world of opportunity opens up for their businesses. 



Our Customers

We are here to give our customers time back, so they can do more in their lives.


Our customers use our app to order anything for delivery to their doorstep. At Yamee, we are enabling our customers to get time back to do other important things in life, instead of being stuck in queues or traffic.


Africa is bustling with economy activity and development. And our customers are part of these developments. Being stuck in long queues and traffic is time they’ll never get back.



Our Merchants

We are here to connect businesses to mobile commerce and digital transactions.


We believe that by providing an integrated mobile commerce platform, we open up possibilities and earning opportunities for businesses to flourish.


It is hard enough to run a small business already. Going digital and accessing digital customers and payments shouldn’t have to be. We are here to connect businesses to mobile commerce and digital transactions.


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108 Independence Avenue

Gaborone, Botswana

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