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Joyful Moments


We can all agree that staying indoors and keeping safe at home has at some point inspired some creativity out of us. From trying out some crafty DIYs or learning to play an instrument, learning how to sing, doing our gardens, perfecting our crafts in doing the things we love...the list goes on and on.

Have you thought of baking a cake but didn't because:-

1: You probably thought it was rocket science?

2: Your oven is broken or you don't own one yet?

Emma's Goodies - a professional baker from Rome has some good news for you. You can make your very own chocolate cake at home and you don't need any oven, not even a microwave. Up for the challenge? Let's start with the ingredients.

You'll need...

225 gr All Purpose Flour sifted

60 gr Unsweetened Cocoa Powder sifted

270 gr White Sugar

3 tsp Baking Powder

165 gr soft Butter

3 Eggs ( room temp)

200 gr Whole Milk ( warm )

2 tbs Espresso Coffee

1/4 tsp Salt

Missing some of the ingredients? Don't stress as you can order them for delivery through Yamee App. Click here for iOS and here for Android.

All set? Now watch the step by step video below by Emma's Goodies, make your own cake at home and tell us how yours came out.

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One thing you'd definitely enjoy when you are in Dar is its variety and freshness in foods. And if you cruise through the streets of Dar City Center, you will at some point stumble upon the famous Dar es Salaam Ferry, all very close to the ports authorities.

To us, this screams nothing but FRESH SEAFOOD!!! We are not alone as some restaurants believe so too that they indulge in preparing their very special, most delicious seafood dishes. They are who we are talking about today. Get to know them.

Cape Town Fish Market

You can never say seafood without first thinking of the very gurus; Cape Town Fish Market. Their menu brings together the best of South African and Japanese cuisine – from fish & chips to classic sashimi. "When it comes to seafood, it doesn’t get any fresher" - they say. They also cater for meat-eaters and vegetarians plus offer a carefully selected range of the finest South African wines.

Check out their menu

Sala Thai

Next on the list of course is no other than Sala Thai, all the way from the Oysterbay Shopping Centre & very close to the beach. The breeze and seafood? What else would you need? They are well known for their great service, good prices and fast service. Covering a wide range of cuisines from Asian, Thai, Chinese and International dishes BUT it is their seafood that compels us to write about them today. Their Gang Dang Prawns come in a traditional Thai curry with red curry paste and are served with vegetables. If you're not drooling yet you will when you smell their freshness in the air. Order them today on the Yamee App for delivery and taste for yourself.


Yet another spot that would never let you down with their seafood variety. Karambezi Cafe's attention to detail and variety is what keeps customers running back over and over for more. Their original seafood platter is packed with grilled lobsters, kingfish, prawns, and calamari.... wait for it, there's more ;) - all alongside baby white snapper, line fish, crab claws and other delicacies served with three sauces. If this isn't the definition of food heaven, we don't know what is.

Hamu Restaurant

Hamu is Swahili for desire & in food it means appetite. Just like their name, the Chefs at Hamu are all about fulfilling your palate's desires. Their mission is to welcome you in a friendly and warm environment to enjoy good food with family and hence the very rich seafood dishes from their menu. One of our very favourite option from their menu is their Lobster Ravioli which comes filled with lobster cream, with grated bread and white sauce. Try it today and tell us what you think.

Are you on lockdown at home keeping safe and wondering how to try some of these delicacies?? Say no more!! Yamee delivers food and groceries all around Dar es Salaam.. Get the YameeApp on iOS & Android today and order your favourites ;).

Happy Munching

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It is known to be a major city and commercial port that grew from a fishing village to what it is now - Home to many, a fast-growing city with a rich history and most importantly an abundance of flavourful cuisines. Dar es Salaam harbors some of the very best spots to dine in and here are the five that grilled the meat out of our minds.

Karambezi Cafe

Sitting on a cliff in Masaki by the Indian Ocean, Karambezi is surrounded by a beautiful 180degree view of the sea with a breeze that would make you feel right at home. Their delicious fresh seafood, juicy burgers and big pizzas will satisfy the foodie in you BUT it's their grilled section that had us going insane and wouldn’t stop chewing. Our pick, their “African Bbq” features a properly Marinated grilled Chicken & BBQ Beef skewers served with roasted butternut, pilau rice, and chips on the side. If that did not just water your mouth then we’re worried for you, haha.

“Here everyone from far away tourists to our dear Dar ea Salaam residents find their spot” - Karambezi Cafe

Two Spoons Grill

“Happiness is licking the Spoon” as Two Spoons Grill says it and we couldn’t agree more. May we just add that Joy would be you attaching their properly spiced grilled goodies, Like their Delicious, soft and tender beef Pepper steak that’s served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Two spoons grill is the home of some of the best skewers as they feature their special prawns, chicken, fish, and Nundu skewers. The Bbq is located along Indira Gandhi Street in CBD and is open the weekends from Friday to Sunday. Try their specials and tell us what you think ;). You can order their food for delivery through the Yamee App.

Best Bite

Their name starts with BEST for a reason. Truly One of the very legends of restaurants in Dar es Salaam. Resting in one of the coolest and busy spots, Namanga. They too have it all from wings, burgers, grilled chickens, etc and offer us a continental cuisine that covers many flavors of the world. Some would call it a home of memories from the many birthday parties it hosted, to the romantic dates but we just loooove their mastery in grilled food. Their grilled chicken wings tossed with barbecue sauce, all the way served with ranch sauce will bring the hallelujah out of you. We know because we’ve tried it and are obsessed with it.

News Cafe

We got news for you. News Cafe is all about the vibe. it's proudly held by fournews which was established in 1995, serving world-class foods and premier beverages. Wondering where to take that special date?? Now you know.

Their contemporary, vibrant and relevant atmosphere has all the love in the air. Now back to the thing about News Cafe that compels us... their Ribs and Wings, grilled with just the right amount of peri peri and served with chips. Try them and tell us what you think.

Pork and salad

It's not what they do, its HOW they do it. Talk about secret recipe manenos. Feeling hungry?? Look no further and give Pork and Salad a try. Their meat packed packages will satisfy your soul. Truly the pride of Ada estates as they make headlines with their pork sausage combo. What are you waiting for?? Check them out.

Why wait until the quarantine is over though? Their flames are still on, dancing to the sound of the meat sizzling. You can always order your food from home through the Yamee App and it will be delivered to you fast. So, stay home and safe BUT don't miss out on all the great things Dar has to offer. Your food is just a click away. Order today and tell us who of the five was your first choice. :)

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