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6 Easy steps to get the perfect #YameeFood shot like a Pro

Ever wondered how Instagram Influencers get such vibrant and cool images even without professional photography? We are here to give a few simple tips and tricks to make sure you capture your best #InstaFood #YameeFood pic the next time you receive your delicious order from the Yamee App.

A: Angle:

This is the first thing to ensure you get a fabulous shot. The best Food Photos are taken from an overhead angle. This angle ensures that you get a good view of all the delicious ingredients of your meal. However, with takeaways and handheld foods like burgers, try a vertical shot to capture the juicy fillings of your meal.

B: Background:

A great way to make your #InstaFood shot stand out is to place your food on a background that will allow it to stand out. You could lay it on a beautiful plate at the centre or get a good shot of it with the packaging in the background. Making sure that the background of the food is good looking will ensure that the best parts of your meal are noticed.

C: Camera:

If you have one, you can use a good digital camera then transfer to your phone to edit. Or simply use your phone camera ensuring that you have good lighting. The best way to get a stunning phone camera picture is in natural lighting, however, avoid direct sunlight as this can make your camera blur the image. You can easily turn a good cellphone camera shot into what looks like a pro camera shot. Most cellphone cameras come with gridlines installed. Don’t forget to turn on the gridlines to help guide you in the composition of the picture.

D: Display:

How you display the food on your plate or packaging plays a big role in creating a fabulous #YameeFood shot. Place the food in a way that looks enticing and fresh. Use garnish that complements the main ingredients of the meal. Sauces and dressings can also make your food look juicy and mouthwatering. Check out the MarketPlace on the Yamee app for fresh fruits and vegetables that are suitable for garnishing your food.

E: Edit:

Increase, decrease, light, sharpen, etc. Effects: Grainy, blurry, antique vibes,

increasing the lighting and contrast of your image usually brightens the colours making it look vibrant and fresh. Also, remember to crop it into just the right size to cut away any unwanted parts in the background. Sharpen the image to get a clearer view of the watery elements like sauces and dressings to make them shine. You can also blur out the back or surrounding border to make the central focus of your delicious food.

F: Filter:

Choose a filter that suits your current brand and mood. The most popular Insta Food filter is Clarendon. It brightens the overall image and enhances the colours of the ingredients. This filter will brighten the brighter parts and darken the darker parts making sure the colours pop. To keep your page flowing with a similar tone and mood, select Lightroom Presets that suit your desired social media brand and keep your content flowing in the same harmony.

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